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Hi! I’m Robyn!

I’m a physical therapist living in sunny FL. As I enter my 3rd decade of life (December 1st is the big day!), I have come to realize I have quite a few recently discovered passions.

Newly engaged to a health nut & crossfitter, I am always trying new clean recipes whether they are simple eats or sweet treats! I have also found a love for finding those “skinny” drinks all my ladies love to make for girls night or happy hour. And what girl is not a lover of beauty tips, a healthy & fit lifestyle, and decorating your space to make a comfy home? Those who know me, know that I definitely am!

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So….why not put it all in a blog to not only document for myself, but to share with all of you!

Also, fair warning! Be prepared to see a lot of pictures of this sweet pup!  As we are loving fur parents to this big boy named Max!

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I’m so happy you are here to share these passions with me and to share my blogging journey!  Let the blogging begin!

xoxo, Robyn