Wine Table Makeover ♥

This past Saturday was my beauty day! Nails & Hair done.
I added a bit of shimmer for summer.

Can I just say that I absolutely love my hairstylist!
I literally can trust Erika with anything.
Check her out at Just Fabulous Salon in Lake Mary, FL!

Recently, I have found that I’m starting to become more comfortable with myself and where I am in my life.
Love, Relationships, Career…Everything is falling into place.

My recent vacation was a nice refresher for me, but I have also created all of these projects for myself!

My Mother introduced me to a lovely little store in the mall called Rustic Journeys. They teach you how to paint furniture to get that adorable shabby chic look that everyone loves.
Now, I wouldn’t be able to drag my furniture to the mall. So I purchased the paint they have available instead. I figured I would tackle a smaller project before I dive into the larger ones in my home.

Matty has had this cute little table forever now – but I absolutely think the “distressed” look on it is a bit too much. Plus – we have had it outside, so it isn’t in the greatest condition.

Therefore, I have found project numero uno!

Enter hideous little wine table.

So I began with sanding down the table with a 120 grit sand paper block that Matty bought for me at the local Home Depot.

I painted the base of the table with Dixie Belle Paint in Dried Sage, the top I painted with the Dixie Belle Paint No Pain Gel Stain in Espresso, and finished the entire piece with Dixie Belle Satin Finish Clear Coat.

You can purchase all of these products either directly from Dixie Belle Paint Company online or at Rustic Journeys in the Oviedo Mall.

I then purchased an adorable knob from Home Depot to the finish the piece off!

So, after a couple of hours….here is the final piece!


I love the transformation! I’m also very proud of myself for this being my first piece!

I of course had to take a variety of pictures – and someone also wanted to be a model as well.

Overall, I am very pleased. So next weekend I will be tackling the larger project. The kitchen table! I will be sure to write up a blog post about that one!

Do you have any projects you’re working on? Any tips for future furniture refinishing projects? Leave me a comment below!


Good night lovelies!

xoxo, Robyn ♥

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