DIY Bridesmaid Proposal Mini Champagne Bottles ♥


I’m going to start with my new wine glass obsession. Got these lovely glasses at TJMaxx for $3.00 on clearance. Score! I’m totally into the stemless trend now (Thanks to my roomie), So I’m all about the stemless wine and champagne glasses. I totally love the shape of this glass and it’s a lightweight and thinner glass. I hate when a wine glass is big and bulky – so I guess I’m sort of a wine glass snob then?

Since I bought two sets of the wine glasses, I figured my Mom could use some since hers are probably from 1995 and she could always use her daughter’s style & decorating advice from time to time. Love you Mom!

So as I sat at her house last night enjoying my new wine glasses, I was being stared down and growled at by this little gremlin.


He growls at me, yet doesn’t know I am the one who rescued him. My Father would have never allowed it to happen if I didn’t swoop in and drive my Mother to that PetsMart that fine Saturday to get his straggly little butt. But anywho…onto the Bridesmaid Proposal.


Those who know me know I am also obsessed with champs (aka champagne)! I love me some bubbles! So I wanted to try out these cute little bottles for my bridesmaid proposal. So as I went onto Etsy in search of the bottle labels and the glasses, I realized I could totally try to make these labels. Not so much the glasses! I’m not that talented (yet) folks! Most people on Etsy were charging on average $16 per page for labels, so I figured I would try to make them as I am totally a Bride on a Budget!


These adorable stemless champagne flutes I got from The Crazy Bunny Lady on Etsy. You can custom order them here!

As for the labels – I bought a package of Avery 2″x4″ Style #5263  white labels at my local Office Depot. I purchased the package of four mini champagne bottles at my local Publix.

Through Avery’s software, I was able to design my label with tons of designs they already had available.

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 9.24.44 AM

Once I was done, I printed the labels, placed them on the bottles, finished them off with a cute ribbon. And….voila!

You have yourself some adorable bottles!


All my bridemaids loved them, and I ended up making one for my Mom, Matt’s Mom, and my wedding coordinator Andrea!

By the way, I had lunch with Andrea the other day. She is such a sweet person and truly knows what she is doing. If anyone in Florida is in need of planning or coordination services, I highly recommend Pavone Events!

I am so in love with these bottles that I’m definitely going to make them again for my bridal shower.

I hope this tutorial was helpful for my fellow Brides on a Budget!

Let me know how you liked them in the comments below!

xoxo, Robyn ♥

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